Nationwide Protest - Every State's Major Cities - Starting at 2pm local time, August 15th 2019

The American people demand justice for President Donald Trump and the Republican party's criminal acts of treason, racist attacks, crimes against children and humanity. We are demanding Impeachment or Resignation.

There will be peaceful nonviolent protests held in every state's major cities until the public's demands are met.

We will not kneel to oppression, we will not bend to treasonous traitors and we will not be broken by racism. We march on August 15th for Justice, Democracy and Freedom!


“So the question is not whether we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists we will be. Will we be extremists for hate or for love? Will we be extremists for the preservation of injustice or for the extension of justice?”

- Martin Luther King Jr.

List of the cities and meeting points: 

Washington D.C. - Washington - City Hall

Alabama (AL) - Montgomery - City Hall

Alaska (AK) - Anchorage - City Hall

Arizona (AZ) - Phoenix - City Hall

Arkansas (AR) - Little Rock - City Hall

California (CA) - Los Angeles - City Hall

California (CA) - San Diego - City Hall

California (CA) - San Francisco - City Hall

California (CA) - Sacramento - City Hall

California (CA) - Walnut Creek - City Hall

California (CA) - San Jose - City Hall

Colorado (CO) - Denver - City Hall

Connecticut (CT) - Hartford - City Hall

Connecticut (CT) - Wilton - City Hall

Delaware (DE) - Wilmington - City Hall

Florida (FL) - Miami - City Hall

Florida (FL) - Orlando - City Hall

Florida (FL) - Jacksonville - City Hall

Florida (FL) - Naples - City Hall

Florida (FL) - Fort Myers - City Hall

Florida (FL) - St Petersburg - City Hall

Florida (FL) - Boca Raton - City Hall

Georgia (GA) - Atlanta - City Hall

Georgia (GA) - Athens - City Hall

Hawaii (HI) - Honolulu - City Hall

Idaho (ID) - Boise - City Hall

Illinois (IL) - Chicago - City Hall

Indiana (IN) - Indianapolis - City Hall

Iowa (IA) - Des Moines - City Hall

Kansas (KS) - Wichita - City Hall

Kentucky (KY) - Louisville - City Hall

Louisiana (LA) - New Orleans - City Hall

Maine (ME) - Portland - City Hall

Maryland (MD) - Baltimore - City Hall

Massachusetts (MA) - Boston - City Hall

Massachusetts (MA) - Pittsfield - Park Square

Michigan (MI) - Detroit - City Hall

Michigan (MI) - Flint - City Hall

Minnesota (MN) - Minneapolis - City Hall

Minnesota (MN) - Alexandria - City Hall

Mississippi (MS) - Jackson - City Hall

Missouri (MO) - Kansas City - City Hall

Missouri (MO) - St. Louis - City Hall

Montana (MT) - Billings - City Hall

Nebraska (NE) - Omaha - City Hall

Nevada (NV) - Las Vegas - City Hall

New Hampshire (NH) - Manchester - City Hall

New Jersey (NJ) - Newark - City Hall

New Mexico (NM) - Albuquerque - City Hall

New York (NY) - New York City - City Hall Park

North Carolina (NC) - Charlotte - City Hall

North Carolina (NC) - Gastonia - City Hall

North Carolina (NC) - Morganton - City Hall

North Carolina (NC) - Hickory - City Hall

North Carolina (NC) - Chapel Hill - City Hall

North Dakota (ND) - Fargo - City Hall

Ohio (OH) - Cleveland - City Hall

Ohio (OH) - Columbus - City Hall

Oklahoma (OK) - Oklahoma City - City Hall

Oregon (OR) - Portland - City Hall

Pennsylvania (PA) - Philadelphia - City Hall

Pennsylvania (PA - Pittsburgh - City Hall

Rhode Island (RI) - Providence - City Hall

South Carolina (SC) - Columbia - City Hall

South Carolina (SC) - Charleston - City Hall

South Dakota (SD) - Sioux Falls - City Hall

Tennessee (TN) - Nashville - City Hall

Tennessee (TN) - Memphis - City Hall

Texas (TX) - Austin - City Hall

Texas (TX) - Houston - City Hall

Texas (TX) - Dallas - City Hall

Texas (TX) - San Antonio - City Hall

Utah (UT) - Salt Lake City - City Hall

Vermont (VT) - Burlington - City Hall

Virginia (VA) - Virginia Beach - City Hall

Washington (WA) - Seattle - City Hall

West Virginia (WV) - Charleston - City Hall

West Virginia (WV) - Huntington - City Hall

Wisconsin (WI) - Milwaukee - City Hall

Wyoming (WY) - Cheyenne - City Hall

Add your city:

Do you feel like your city should be on the list?


Tell us by clicking the ¨Add My City¨ button below and we´ll make it happen.

Important To Remember: 

 - These are nonviolent peaceful protests.

 - Please be respectful of everyone in attendance.

 - For safety reasons people must be able enter and exit the building at all times.

 - Aggression towards others or violence is not condoned nor permitted in any way, shape or form.

 - If you witness violence or aggression towards another person please report it to the authorities immediately.

 - It´s up to the people in each city to organize and show up to their protests. These are DIY peaceful protests.

 - This website is only to be used as a landing page for cities that have requested to be listed as a protest city. Everything that takes place after leaving this page is up to the supporters and organizers in their respective cities to make happen. 

Become an organizer:

- If you are helping organize a large group planning to attend the protest in your local city please make sure you have notified your respective City Hall. 

 - You can help spread the word to people you know in person like family, friends, coworkers, classmates, local groups and organizations etc. You can also start WhatsApp groups, Facebook groups, pages, Tweet about it, post on Instagram, tag your city and/or Google meet ups to help fellow supporters find each other.

If you are interested in becoming an organizer please contact us below.

Become a sponsor:

We are currently seeking sponsors in each city willing to provide any of the following:  

 - Bottles of water

 - Bristol boards for signs

 - Markers

If your company is interested in becoming a sponsor please contact us below.

Show your support and spread the word in person and on social using #ImpeachTrumpProtest 

We´ve given you a time, date and place. What happens next is up to you.


"Always remember, no matter how dark the sky may appear it's actually blue." 

- B.A.D.


Nationwide, United States of America

©2019 by Impeach President Trump Protest.

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